About Me

When I finished my diploma degree in physics, I attained a PhD in physical chemistry. My scientific interests vary in a wide range. They cover accelerator physics, chemical reaction kinetics, nuclear magnetic resonance as well as trace material analysis in the stratosphere - an activity in meteorology.

Apart from the natural sciences and the technology, I am also interested in educational and psychological topics. According to that, I may work as teacher at High School in the subjects physics mathematics.

From October 1985 to April 2015 I worked at the Technical University of Darmstadt within the ranges technology, coordination and consultation.

  • On the technical side, I dealt with the planning, development and operation of electronic data processing at the institute.
  • In the field of training, I coordinated the entire institute's teaching activities.
  • Student counselling was part of the pedagogical area. Among other things, I had set myself the goal of promoting students' enthusiasm for technical content.

  • Nowadays I am retired and have enough time to pursue my hobbies.