When I finished my diploma degree in physics, I attained a PhD in physical chemistry. My scientific interests vary in a wide range. They cover accelerator physics, chemical reaction kinetics, nuclear magnetic resonance as well as trace material analysis in the stratosphere - an activity in meteorology.

Apart from the natural sciences and the technology, I am also interested in educational and psychological topics. According to that, I may work as teacher at High School in the subjects physics mathematics.
since 1985 I worked at University of Technology, Darmstadt within the ranges technology, coordination and consultation.
My tasks in the technical field were system management for computers, servers and networks at the institute of Electromechanical design.
The coordination field covered the monitoring of the study plans at the institute and consultation tasks were the university advisory service in micro- and precision engineering, with the goal of promoting the enthusiasm of the students for technical contents.

In April 2015 I left the University of Technology in Darmstadt and have retired.
Now I increasingly can devote to my hobby of astronomy.